Real Restaurants

Sugar & Olives
21 1/2 Lois Street
Norwalk, CT

This restaurant serves breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday, and you can order dinner, pick up before they close at 4 pm.  They are carving out a niche for themselves by specializing in local, and when possible, organic fare, made thoughtfully from whole foods.  They are doing it well.  It’s a small place and service is slow, and on both occasions I have been there they have been out of several items. But what I’ve had has been great and worth the trip. It’s quite expensive for lunch, (I haven’t been for breakfast), but we really need to recondition ourselves to understand that whole foods, sourced locally and therefore usually produced on a smaller scale than large commercial farms, even the organic ones, and using organic farming methods costs more than mass-produced chemically-enhanced food. When you factor in the societal costs of the farming subsidies the big agri-business guys get, and the health care costs due to hormones, pesticides, chemicals and lower nutritive value in the food picked before ripened, shipped long distances and delayed weeks in getting to market, it’s worth it.  For more info, read Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollen.

133 Atlantic Street
Stamford, CT

A fabulous vegetarian Indian restaurant in downtown Stamford. Truly authentic, and certified Kosher (though most of the other diners are Indian, not Jewish).  What a great way to enjoy vegetables that I didn’t grow.  Rated “Worth It” by the New York Times.  I’d give it a “Don’t Miss It!”


 More to come….

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